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In this website you can find lace from the 16th century: cutwork and pulled threadwork, punto in aria to finest Venetian needlepoint and outstanding Flemish lace. Then there are the examples of magnificent French lace such as point de France, Alencon, Argentan, Argentella and of course point de Sedan to mention just a few. You may also find  eighteenth century delicate Brussels lace and the extravagant point de gaze 0f the 19th century. Many more examples of delightful laces such as Honiton and Buckingham in England, also Ireland with its famous lace schools of the 19th century produce many examples of wonderful lace.
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Stock no. C64.4h  is a pair of 19th century blue velvet shoes lined with white kid. Condition good with a minor fraying inside of the binding ribbon. Sold  Price: 350


Stock no. C64.4J is a pair of nineteenth century black glace kid shoes. They are elegantly decorated with black sequins and beadwork and each shoe is finished with a small black leather bow. The heel is beautifully shaped and stitched in white.  Condition: good.  Price: 300 GBP


Stock no. C64.4k  is another pair of elegant shoes in black glace kid with a black silk bow at the front. Condition: good; Price: 220 GBP


Stock no.C64.4g is  a pair of gold kid shoes decorated with  little bows to front, lined in white kid. Condition:  the shoes are stained and the binding ribbon is worn.  Sold  Price: 180


Stock no. C64.4b These shoes are in pink silk and lined in white kid The front is decorated with a bow bearing  a diamente rose to centre. Condition: unfortunately the silk is very worn; Price:120 GBP


Stock no. C64.4a is a pair of cream silk grosgrain shoes lined with white kid. They are decorated with bows to the front of each shoe. Condition: good but the binding ribbon to the heel is damaged. Price: 180 GBP


  Stock no. Y19.3  These pretty ivory satin wedding shoes are very well made - the strap containing the pearl buttons gives an elegant lift  from the Louis heel to the bow at the centre of the vamp. They are completely lined in soft kid They measure 28  cms (11 inches) Condition: there is some wear to the front of the toe. Price: 140 (GBP)