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Antique lace
In this website you can find lace from the 16th century: cutwork and pulled threadwork, punto in aria to finest Venetian needlepoint and outstanding Flemish lace. Then there are the examples of magnificent French lace such as point de France, Alencon, Argentan, Argentella and of course point de Sedan to mention just a few. You may also find  eighteenth century delicate Brussels lace and the extravagant point de gaze 0f the 19th century. Many more examples of delightful laces such as Honiton and Buckingham in England, also Ireland with its famous lace schools of the 19th century produce many examples of
 wonderful lace.
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We are now based in Portugal (Braga)
Posting: for standard delivery in Europe we cover the postage.
 Outside Europe we require your email address and Tel: number.
For faster delivery by D.H.L. please add 60GBP to the total.
We cannot post Ivory items.

   See Brussels lace  Soon on our website  

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Antique Lace fans
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Honiton Lace
Maltese & Bedfordshire Lace
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Antique Lace (Mix)

Antique Needle Lace
Antique Bobbin Lace
Drawn Threadwork & Fine Lawns
Wedding Lace
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including Youghal Rosaline etc.

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What we do not do :

We do not restore or clean antique lace or fans and neither do we deal in modern lace or modern fans.



Payment facilities available to suit you. Please do let us know what arrangements are best! We do not send email news to any of our customers or announcing new items, as this would be unfair to others. We publish our stock as and when we acquire them. Click on the links to see what is new!  
  How we began ... and what we are doing now :
We have been established since 1975;
We are Members of the Textile Society;
We are Members of the Fan Circle International;
We gave an exhibition of antique lace in Hove Museum
called "Amazing Lace - from Cottage to Castle" 1630 to 1930
We spend our time in searching for interesting antique pieces of lace (or interesting textiles) in many countries of Europe;
we search for private customers, dealers and Museums, at home and abroad
What we do not do :
We do not restore or clean antique lace or fans and neither do we deal in modern lace or modern fans.

We have many samples of antique lace not displayed on our website. Should you require a piece for study purposes or to fit in your collection please contact us.

Lace Exhibition Poster

Members of Decorative
art Society

Members of The
Textile Society

Members of the Fan
circle international