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Antique fan (page two) stock no. F23.5  is a most unusual 18th century framed and glazed fan. The painted leaf  showing a beautiful array of birds in a water landscape. The frame measures: 60 x 36cms. Condition: minor faults.  Sold  Price: £1200


Antique fan (page two) stock no. G.14 is a very fine mid 19th century Mother-of-Pearl framed fan. The beautifully painted leaf showing many people at leisure in 18th century colourful costume. The sticks are beautifully carved showing children gathering grapes? Condition: This fan is framed and looking at it it looks in very good condition. It measures: 58 x 34cms. Sold  Price: £1050


Antique fan (page two) stock no. H24.1 is a framed and double sided glazed painted fan dating from around 1690 to 1720 showing the biblical scene "the slaughter of the innocents" The fan on the other side is decorated with painted flowers. The sticks are of ivory and Mother-of-Pearl decorated with silver pique. The frame measures: 55 x 31cms. Sold  Price: £1100


Antique fan stock no. H34.2 is a fine Italian framed fan dating from around 1700. The painted leaf showing a busy scene with people horses and a midget with a lion. The frame measures: 62 x 38cms. Condition: minor damage (see photo)  Sold   Price: £1100


Antique fan Stock no.  F13.3 is an early 19th century fan, the leaf showing a lady is Turkish costume. The other side showing a lake seen. It measures:  23cms. Condition: some foxing. Sold  Price: £220


Antique fan Stock no. F54.1a  is a late 18th century printed fan showing a lady with a fan and other people in a garden. It measures: 28cms. condition. Good.  Sold  Price: £285


  Antique fan (page two) stock no. H21.1  is a beautiful ivory brise fan dating from 1690 to 1720 made in France or Holland? The painting represents people eating and drinking at harvest time whilst in the background other people still working gathering the wheat to put it on the cart and horse. The other side has a similar background painting. It measures: 21 1/2cms. Condition: The fan completely lacks the ribbon and the guard sticks have some of the painting rubbed off.  There is also some damage to the ivory (see  photos) In the photos there is one leaf unopened 12th from the left - there is no damage to the painting.  Sold   Price: £1150  


Antique fan stock no.  H28.2 is a very good and fine quality 19th century fan. The sticks are Mother-of-Pearl decorated in gilt. The skin leaf is beautifully painted in blue and gilt within a shield representing naked  maidens playing in water. The other side is also decorated with letters spelling "Francey" (see photo) It measures: 29 1/2cms.  Condition: good.  Sold  Price: £425


Antique fan stock no.  H28.1 is a fine mid 19th century fan. The Mother-of-Pearl sticks are beautifully decorated in three tones of gold. The skin leaf is also beautifully painted with people within a lake landscape playing music. It measures: 27cms Condition: good but there is one guard stick with a metal rivet. Sold  600 Price: £780


Antique fan stock no. H31.3. is a fine 19th century fan. The leaf is painted on skin showing a Marriage procession with a page boy scattering flowers, The other side of the leaf shows ladies with baskets of flowers, cherubs, a lady with a blue dress checking a book  with two bottles behind her, a boy taking lots of glasses out of a basket. The sticks  are made of beautifully carver Mother-of-Pearl. It measures: 27cms. Sold  Price: £750


Antique fan stock no. H33.4 is an 18th century painted fan. The leaf is decorated with a musical theme. It measures: 27cms. Condition: some wear and old repairs to folds. Sold  Price: £375


Antique fan stock no. H39.1 is a beautiful 18th century fan possibly French 1770
The painted paper  leaf shows a magnificent scene of Mythology -  it is associated with the extravagance of  the French court such as the marriage of Louis XVI, then the dauphin, to Marie Antoinette of Austria. The sticks are of carved and pierced ivory with a thin layer of gilt and silvered metal (some missing). It measures: 29.5cms. Condition: one guard stick is riveted and there is some wear on the folds (see photos)
Sold  Price: £1600


Antique fan stock no. H49.1 is a good 18th century carved tortoiseshell sticks fan. The leaf is painted with elegant cameos and decorated with fine sequins. The sticks are carved pierced and inlayed. It measures: 26cms. Condition: some splitting on the folds and other minor damage (see photos)  Sold  Price: £820 


Antique fan stock no. H53.2 is an 18th century fan. The leaf is painted with a group of people in a landscape. The sticks are carved and gilded. It measures: 30cms. Condition: minor faults. Sold  Price: £425


Antique fan stock no. SL.2 is a late 19th century finely carved M-O-P fan. The printed leaf shows a romantic scene. It measures: 27cms. condition: the two guard sticks are damaged (see the two last photos) and one of the backing M-O-P is also missing. Sold  Price: £275


damage - see ring.


Antique fan stock no. SL.1 is a late 18th early 19th century fan in its original box - reputably belonging to the well known Guinness family. (Josephine Guinness) The ivory sticks are beautifully carved and gilded showing romantic couples. The length of the box measures: 29cms. Condition: generally good. Sold  Price: £725


Antique fan stock no.H60.2 is a most interesting 18th century fan. The leaf is a colour etching showing to the left of the fan an elegant lady admiring a flower whilst to her left there is a servant? breast - feeding a child and a man admiring the country side. The centre shows a man beckoning a lady carrying a basket on her head. Another interesting thing about this fan is that the decoration is highlighted with gold leaf. We have not yet seen a fan decorated with real gold leaf in this way. It measures: 26cms. Condition: one stick missing to the right hand side and some other damage (see photo)  Sold  Price: £375


Antique fan stock no.H60.1 is an 18th century fan. The painted leaf shows (to the left) a very elegant couple by a waterfall, to the centre and right shows many people sitting down by classical statues, one dog and also one man playing an musical instrument. The ivory sticks are beautiful carved and gilded also decorated with straw work. The reverse shows an elegant oriental scene. It measures: 27cms. Condition: Guard sticks have been restored and there is one stick missing to the right and side. The leaf is worn in places (see photo). Sold


Antique fan stock no.H65.10 is an attractive French 18th century fan. The ivory sticks are finely carved and gilt. The painted leaf shows a couple with a child and two other children playing in the background. It measures: 27 1/2cms. Condition: one guard stick broken see photo. Sold  Price: £325


Antique fan stock no.H67.2 is a fine 18th century French? fan. The painted leaf shows an elegant country scene with a lady on horse back. The ivory sticks are carved painted and pierced with red foil showing through. It measures: 27cms. Condition: some wear (see photos)  Sold  Price: £580


Antique fan stock no.H70.4
A rare Cantonese lacquer fan, dating from the mid 19th century. The leaf painted in watercolours with a view of Whampoa? the reverse painted with walled fortresses and a harbour with many boats. The lacquered sticks with classical scenes, fitted lacquer box. It measures: 28cms. Condition: minor faults, some splitting, see photos. Sold
More information

I was just given link to your web site (fans) and want to tell you that you have some lovely examples.
One of my areas of study is Chinese export and I thought I would tell you that the verso on your #H70.4 is the Boca Tigris on the Pearl River.  I concur that a "?" is appropriate for the recto.  I am not sure it is indeed Whampoa from Dane's Island, as there is only one pagoda (and Whampoa had 2) but it might just be artistic licence.  Nonetheless a fine example.. 

See also the link below were you can find a similar painting with a lot of information.
"Bogue" the original Portuguese name for the narrow and fortified entrance to the Pearl River leading up to Canton.



Antique fan stock no.H72.2 is a very beautiful fan. The 18th century ivory sticks are decorated with silver pique. The hand colour printed leaf shows a busy harbour scene. Unfortunately we cannot identify the place. It measures: 26cms. Condition: minor damage. Sold  Price: £625     


Antique fan stock no.H73.1 is a fine 18th century fan circa 1780 depicting "Achillea and the Daughters of Lycomedes" with ivory sticks and tortoiseshell pivot. It measures: 25.5cms. Condition: the two guard sticks have been restored (see the last two photos) and the back of the fan leaf has many restorations in the folds with reinforced painted paper and cellotape in places. Sold  Price: £950


Antique fan stock no.H73.4 is a 18th century Mother-of-Pearl fan, circa 1760. The painted leaf shows a religious scene, with a chinoiserie surround. It measures: 26.5cms. Condition: one M-O-P stick broken (see last photo). Sold  Price: £200


Antique fan stock no.H73.6  is a fine mid 18th century fan. The painted leaf depicting two female figures in a coastal scene. This type of fan can be describe as a Grand Tour fan, it is early than the typical ones more obvious dating from 1780 to 1820. This one dates from around the 1750s. It measures: 28cms. condition: minor faults. Sold  Price: £1500


Antique fan stock no.H79 is a beautiful 18th century ivory fan. The painted velum leaf shows a scene of celebration, maybe a harvest of grapes. The ivory sticks are finely carved with figures and backed with mica. The reverse shows a rather strange angel and a fowling baby from the sky?... It measures: 29cms. Condition: Minor damage but there is some m-o-p missing.  Sold  Price: £800


Antique fan stock no.H78 is an 18th century ivory fan. The beautiful painted paper leaf shows the rape of Europa? The very fine carved and painted sticks shows cupids, swans, and other decorative items backed with mica and foil. The reverse shows a jolly scene, with people playing music by a lake. One can see a bottle and a glass by the side of a lady reading music. It measures: 27cms. Condition: minor damage but there is also some mica missing. Sold  Price: £1050


Antique fan stock no.H85.12 is a French 19th century Mother-of-Pearl fan. The painted paper leaf is decorated with a group of people listening to a troubadour playing music. The carved Mother-of-Pearl sticks show a cameo of a lady holding a bird. It measures: 29cms. Condition: one guard stick has been repaired (see photo top right) Sold  Price: £675


Antique fan stock no.H85.11 is a magnificent French 19th century Mother-of-Pearl fan. The velum leaf is painted with a romantic scene. The carved Mother-of-Pearl sticks are beautifully carved with cherubs playing and others holding garlands of flowers. The guard sticks are also carved with a cherub plying a gilt musical instrument and three other painted cameos. The rivet is decorated with turquoises and other pink stone. It measures: 28cms. Condition: good.  Sold  Price: £1400


Antique fan stock no.J1 is a beautiful 18th century ivory fan. The painted paper leaf is decorated with a very joyful picture of people dancing - possibly a wedding march. The other side is a lady surrounded by cherubs. The sticks are carved and gilded with people, one collecting fruit upon a ladder. It measures: 30cms. Condition: minor damage.  Sold  Price: £950


Antique fan stock no. J3.1 is an early 19th century Italian Grand Tour fan - painted possibly on chicken skin?  It measures: 28cms. Condition: one guard stick broken and minor damage to folds (see photos) Sold Price: £640


Antique fan stock no. J11.2 is a interesting carved ivory 18th century fan, possibly from Holland. It shows an Oriental and European scene. The ivory is beautifully carved. It measures: 27cms. Condition: some old restoration (see photos)  Sold  Price: £1450


Fans page one. Stock no.J17.10J is a French 18th century fan, the leaf painted with three cameos, the central one shows a gentleman presenting a dog to two ladies, the reverse shows the servants of the house. It measures: 28cms. Condition: some splitting in the folds (see photos)  Sold  Price: £625


Antique fan stock no.H61.1b is a magnificent brightly colours18th century painted ivory brise fan. To one side of the fan shows a hunting scene with dogs horses and a stag - wile to one side people enjoying food and drinks. The other side shows a gathering of joyful people watching a couple dancing. There are many fascinating details but we show many photos for you to see!... It measures: 20 1/2 cms. Condition: small amount of were and the pin might have been replaced. The ribbon is totally split and needs replacing - see photos. Sold  Price: £1850


Stock no.F33.1  is a fine Italian grand Tour fan. The chicken skin leaf is beautifully painted showing  very active scenes. It measures: 25cms. Unfortunately this fan has a lot of damage. There is one left hand guard stick missing and a small amount of the leaf, and there are a few very small holes in the main picture.. (see photos)  Sold  Price: £580


Stock no. Y44.3 Is a rare late 18th century Tromp  L'oeil  painted fan , signed "Faserve" (?) with Mother of Pearl sticks.  The guards have  mica panels. The leaf showing fashionable ladies buying gowns, another packing before a cheval mirror whilst others sew at a table. Four men peep in through two transparent shop windows. The verso shows the four men standing in the street, Containing in a gilt two-sides frame.  Condition: very damaged.  Sold  Price: £730


Antique fan (page two) stock no.F61.3 is a fine 18th century possibly French fan. The leaf is beautifully painted with a romantic scene. The sticks are are of carved and gilded tortoiseshell. It measures: 27cms Condition: one stick broken (see photo)  Sold  Price: £450


Stock no. F31.1 is an early 19th century Italian Grand Tour fan.. The leaf is painted on chicken skin and shows romantics ruins. It measures: 26 1/2cms. Condition: the painting in the central panel is damaged with flaked paint and minor damage to the other cameos.  Sold  Price: £780


Stock no. C55.2 is a fine early 19th century ivory brise fan. The leaf is beautifully painted with romantic cameos  in a landscape. It measures: 19cms. condition: the ribbon is torn (See third photo)  Sold  Price: £680


Stock no. C48.2 is an early 19th century finely carved and painted ivory fan. One side is painted in pink tones  and the other in  blue tones It measures: 17cms. Condition: very little damage to one stick and the ribbon needs  to be replaced as it is too rigid for such a dainty fan.  Sold  Price: £275


Stock no. C38.1 is a ivory brise fan finely carved of open flowers and  buds appearing out of a cornucopia. It measures: 24cms + 3cms for ring. Condition: good. Sold Price:  £525


stock no. B11.1 is a very delicate Canton ivory brise fan with a central shield showing the letter "B" It measures:25 cms; Condition: the first  guardstick has been snapped at some stage. This is not visible from the outside but, unfortunately, the first stick, although in good condition, has been stuck to the guardstick towards the end  nearest to the rivet. SOLD


Antique fan (page two) stock no. F40.2c is a Regency horn fan. The strongly coloured leaf is decorated with sequins. It measures: 19cms. Condition: good.  Sold  Price: £225


Antique fan (page two) stock no. F40.2b is a Regency horn fan. The strong coloured  leaf is decorated with sequins. It measures: 19cms. Condition: some splits in the folds. (see photos) Sold  Price: £225


Antique fan (page two) stock no. F40.2a is a Regency fan. The leaf is beautifully decorated in gilt motives against a strong coloured background. It measures: 19cms. condition: some splits in the silk (see photos)  Sold  Price: £225


Antique fan (page two) stock no.F52.1 is a late 19th early 20th century fan. The leaf is beautiful painted with a large flower and two butterflies. The sticks are in gilded wood. It measures: 35cms. Condition: good. Sold  Price: £275


Antique fan (page two) stock no.F56.1 is a late 19th early 20th century fan. The leaf is beautiful painted with flowers and sequins. The ivory sticks are also painted. It measures:  25cms. Condition: some splits on the folds (see photos) Price:  Sold  £245


Stock no. Y34/3D is a very dramatic  fan:  the leaf  is made of fine black gauze enlivened by a few painted dragonflies  against which the black irises made of sequins form a stark contrast. The wavy sticks are of tortoiseshell and pique. It measures: 24 cms (9 1/2 inches). Condition:  one top of the backing stick is missing. This fan is presented in a Duvelleroy box.  Price: £220 Sold


Antique fan Stock no. F40.8 is an 18th century Chinese export? fan. The leaf painted with a pastoral scene, flanked by Chinese figures to either side painted in grisaille, the reverse painted with a Harlequin figure. It measures: 29cms. Condition: the guard sticks have been repaired.  Sold  Price: £320


Antique fan Stock no. F48.1 is a 18th century fan. The painted paper leaf decorated with children playing - possibly French. It measures: 27cms. Condition: minor wear in the folds.  Sold Price:  £340


Antique fan Stock no. F53.4 is an 18th century fan. The leaf  showing shepherds and shepherdesses playing music. It measures: 29cms. Condition: some splitting on the folds. Sold  Price: £280


Antique fan Stock no. F53.3 is a beautiful and unusual 18th century fan, the leaf painted with an elegant scene of musicians playing musical instrumentals and singing. The ivory sticks are carved and painted. It measures: 28cms. Condition: good with minor wear.  Sold  Price: £850


Stock no. B18.6  Is an eighteenth century fan  showing a hand coloured etched scene . The carved bone sticks are beautifully decorated and painted. It measures 28 cms ; Condition : good (but there is minor wear to the folds) Sold


Stock no. B18.1 is a finely carved ivory. Cantonese fan. There is a plain paper leaf  with a very decorative round cameo to the centre. It measures : 27 1/2  cms. Condition: minor small faults to the ivory. SOLD


Stock no. B18.4  This is an unusual 19th century fan showing a hand-coloured lithographic picture displayed within three cameos. There are people wearing mediaeval costume. in a Gothic background. It measures : 27 cms : Condition: good; SOLD


Antique fan (page two) stock no. H.1 is a magnificent 19th century German carved ivory fan. The sticks are carved with cherubs and dancing maidens. The guard sticks have a different image on either side. It measures: 23cms. Condition: one small repair to the back/ top of a stick. (see photo) The ribbon is threaded for a left handed person. Sold  




Stock no. C25.1 is a fine early 19th century Canton Lacquer Brise Fan, worked in black and gold. Condition: one stick unfortunately is damaged see last photo and the ribbon in torn in many plaices. It measures: 24cms. Sold   Price: £680 


Stock no.A57 is an exquisite carved and engraved mother of pearl fan bearing a crest in the centre . The leaf shows a very decorative  romantic scene showing couples  and babies enjoying music to a landscaped background. The reverse shows more people dancing and playing music. It measures: 27 cms; Condition: excellent  SOLD


Stock no. A85.1 is a similar fan to the above but with some  damage as visibly in the photograph. SOLD



Stock no. B8.7a  is a magnificent   mother of pearl and painted fan, showing groups of elegantly dressed aristocratic people in the gardens, with a folly and water fountains  to the foreground and a grand mansion in the background. The sticks are superbly pierced and lavishly decorated in gold and silver. It measures: 27 cms (10 1/2 inches); condition: minor small faults SOLD


Stock no. B8.8 is an attractive early 19th century ivory fan is finely carved  with three painted medallions. Condition: one stick missing and one damaged as seen on the photo. It measures: 25cms. Sold  Price: £550 £400 to pay


Stock no. B13.1 is a very attractive mother-of-pearl fan. The vellum leaf is finely painted with several romantic cameos, framed in turn by very fine multi-coloured sequins. The other- of - pearl sticks are finely carved and decorated in silver and gilt with steel studs. It measures: 24cms (9 1/2 inches) condition: good; SOLD


Stock no. B16.1 is an 18th century ivory fan. The leaf is undecorated but the sticks are very beautifully carved. It measures; 26cms. Condition: very good.  SOLD


Stock no. B14.3 is a 19th century carved and pierced bone fan. The silk leaf  is shows  a romantic couple dressed in 18th century costume within a beautiful landscape (signed.) It measures: 22cms. Condition: good. Sold   Price: £280


Stock no. B14.2 is a 19th century Mother-of-pearl fan. The silk leaf shows a romantic couple within a border of painted flowers decorated with sequins. It  is signed .  It measures: 21cms. Condition: good.


Stock no. B18.3 is a fine painted fan  showing a group of ladies gathering flowers so as  to make garlands. There is a signature on the seventh photograph attached. The mother-of-pearl sticks are magnificently carved, showing cameos of people all wearing garlands on their  heads. It measures : 28cms ; Condition: this fan has had many repairs (when open, the repairs are not very visible but to the verso show all the repairs . (see last photograph)  Sold


Stock no. C24.3 is a most decorative fan. The tortoiseshell sticks are carved with a coronet at the end of each guard . The leaf is beautifully painted on a gold satin background  with roses and other flowers.   It measures: 26cms. Condition: good. Sold


Stock no. B18.9 is a fine 19th century fan with a leaf painted on vellum portraying a group of young people making merry by a  fountain. The sticks are of carved and pierced mother-of-pearl.  It measures:27 cms in length; condition : one guardstick  has riveted silvered initials to disguise a break in the mother-of-pearl; the other guardstick has also silvered initials but without any damage to hide! However, at the top end of the guard, there is some damage. Sold  Price: £550


Stock no. B18.7 is a fine Mother-of-Pearl fan carved and gilded and showing  a romantic couple. To the background there is a group playing musical instruments. It measures: 27cms. condition: There are two repairs to the guard sticks. Price: £450  Sold


Stock no.A80/2 a Vernis Martin - style fan,  beautifully painted: to one side, a couple fishing by a lake and, to the other, two young people dancing. It measures: 17 cms (6 3?4 inches; Condition : good; SOLD


Stock no. A87/2 is a beautiful eighteenth century carved ivory and painted fan. The leaf displays a landscape where three people are playing on  musical  instruments  The ivory is magnificently carved and painted. Condition: good ;It measures:29cms (11 1/2 inches); SOLD


Stock no.Y12.C is an 18th century fan with carved and pierced Oriental ivory sticks and coloured etched or engraved  (?)  leaf showing a town landscape with  a major building surrounded by smaller houses in countryside. It looks on to a  busy river scene with boats and fishermen, and in the foreground there are many people walking. Condition: good;  measurement: 26 cms ; SOLD


Stock no.  A4.4 is a very fine ivory brise fan, with a richly carved guard stick displaying flowers and leaves, leading to a shield awaiting  a monogram. It measures:22 cms (9  inches); condition: good; SOLD


Stock no. A56 is a charming vellum Regency fan showing merry couples at a masked ball; the sticks are of beautifully decorated mother of pearl and the upper guard stick is of carved and pierced ivory with gilt decoration;  this fan is small : it measures 22 cms; Condition: minor tear to fold SOLD


Stock no. A59  is a magnificent vellum fan  painted in the classical manner of the early nineteenth century and signed Carmen .The leaf shows three cameos of putti frolicking   among flowers and swags; It measures:29 cms ; Condition: good;  SOLD


Antique fan (page two) stock no.H31.1 is a very bright colour  early 18th century Chinese fan? This interesting fan is painted in skin with beautiful land and water scenes. The ivory sticks are decorated in fine pique which we thought was only made in Europe (France England or Italy) so it is quite a puzzle to us - not sure of its origin. It  measures: 24 1/5cms. Condition: Very good colour and condition in general but there are  as a few holes in the leaf (see photos)  Sold  Price: £750


Antique fan (page two) stock no. H24.5 is a blond tortoiseshell carved and pierced fan. The leaf is painted with a romantic scene. It measures: 18cms. Condition: one stick missing and torn ribbon. Sold  Price: £140  


Antique fan (page two) stock no.F61.5 is a late 18th century fan. The leaf shows a decorative coloured etching. It measures: 28cms. Condition: minor wear on the folds.  Sold  Price: £180


Antique fan stock no. H38.5 is a most interesting late 17th century fan. The leaf is painted on paper with a biblical scene. The ivory sticks are pique and inlayed with Mother-of-Pearl showing a man and a women with hands outstretched towards each other with other people and motifs. It measures: 25.5cms. Condition: We have included a lot of photos for you to see and make your own mind to the condition. We think at some stage in the past this fan has been restored (see the back) also are all the sticks there? - some of the paint is flaking but in any case it is a most interesting fan. It is also rare to find any fans of that period. Sold  Price: £980


Antique fan stock no. H33.5 is a fine 18th century fan. The Mother-of-Pearl sticks are beautiful carved pierced and gilded. It measures: 30cms. Condition: one M-O-P stick is broken (see last photo)  Sold  Price: £550


Antique fan stock no. H33.2 is a fine 18th century carved and pierced ivory painted fan. In the centre of the leaf  is showing two ladies with a basket of flowers. It measures: 29cms. Condition: one small bit of ivory missing (see last photo).  Sold  Price: £450


Antique fan stock no. H33.1 is an 18th century fan. The leaf showing people enjoying music. It measures: 28cms. Condition: one ivory stick is broken (see last photo). Sold  Price: £425


Antique fan (page two) stock no. H11.1 is a late 18th early 19th century Grand Tour Italian fan.  The decoration on  the painted  chicken skin  leaf is of the Coliseum and other neo-classical scenes. It measures: 27cms. condition: some damage to the back of the fan (see photo)  Sold  Price: £880


Antique fan (page two) stock no. H11.4 is a late 18th century wooden fan. The leaf is printed with "Chit-Chat The Way of The World" a tale  published by Sarah Ashton 1796. It measures: 25cms. Condition: some splitting on the folds.  Sold  Price: £290


Antique fan (page two) stock no. H9.2 is a late 19th century Mother-of-Pearl fan. The leaf is painted and decorated with sequins.  It measures: 32cms. Condition: some splitting on the folds and one guard stick broken (see last photo)  Sold  Price: £180  


Antique fan (page two) stock no.F60.1 is a 19th century Spanish fan, The leaf is painted with flowers, a  lady and birds. The sticks and guard are beautifully carved bone. It measures: 24cms.Condition: some wear in the folds.  Sold  Price: £275


Antique fan (page two) stock no.F56.2 is a magnificent Art Nouveau fan. The leaf painted with beautiful flowers. The Mother-of-Pearl sticks are also carved and painted to mach the leaf. It measures: 24cms. condition: One guard stick is broken (see photo were it is marked A.F.)  Sold  Price: £525


Antique fan Stock no. F54.1b is a French 18th century fan the leaf painted with a romantic scene. The sticks are of carved decorated ivory and the guard sticks are Mother-of-Pearl. It measures: 23cms. Condition: some wear and tear in the folds. Sold  Price: £275


Antique fan Stock no. F46.1 is an 18th century French fan. The leaf is beautifully painted with figures in a landscape. The ivory sticks are carved showing cherubs and other motifs in gilt and silvered foil. It measures: 28cms. Condition: some of the silver and gold foil is missing.  Sold  Price: £380


Antique fan Stock no.  F30.1  is an early 18th century fan. The leaf painted with a mythological scene of Judith holding Holofernes head? The back of the fan is also painted with flowers such as coronations, tulips, roses and others. The sticks are of ivory and mother-of-pearl  near the rivet. It measures: 27cms. Condition: some wear on the folds.  Sold  Price: £600


Antique fan Stock no. F39.36 is an 18th century English fan. The ivory sticks are beautifully carved with figures. The painted leaf  shows a romantic scene. It measures: 27cms. Condition: some wear in the folds. Sold  Price: £340


See straw work

See straw work

Antique fan Stock no.  F21.3  is a most interesting 18th century fan. The painted Oriental leaf is decorated all over with classical Chinese scenes - and then there is a vignette of Europeans figures working by with a servant behind them, They are most probably Dutch people from the East Indies. The back of the leaf shows the same servant with a Oriental lady behind her.
The ivory sticks are beautifully decorated in straw work, at fist glance one tends to thinks that the decoration is just beautifully painted and then if you look under a magnifier glass you can see that it is all straw work.  It measures: 26cms. Condition: minor damage see the reverse photo of the fan. Sold   Price: £950


Antique fan (page two) stock no. H54.4 is a very fine 19th century carved ivory fan - possibly German. The two carved guard sticks are individually carved with beautiful fruit and flowers. The leaves are carved with putti and trailing foliage. It measures: 23cms with the loop. Condition: unfortunately three of the sticks are damage at the top and the ribbon needs replacing. Price: £1600 GBP


Antique fan (page two) stock no. H17.2 is a fine late 19th century Mother-of-Pearl and feather far. It measures: 46cms. Condition: good.  Sold  Price: £175


Stock no. A53.1 Here is a Brussels lace fan with gilded mother of pearl sticks decorated with gilt trophies. It measures: 25 cms; Condition: one small repair to a guardstick at about one inch from the rivet (visible on the last photograph); SOLD


Stock no. A58   is a Belgian bobbin lace fan with elegant blonde tortoiseshell sticks,  with a monogram in rose diamonds in a milligrain set. The lace leaf shows butterflies and leaves and even a lion. It measures: 30 cms. Condition: good; SOLD


Stock no. A66.2 is a fan with a black lace Chantilly leaf and tortoiseshell sticks (in a Tiffany box) It measures: 30 cms (12 inches) Condition: good; Sold


Stock no. A68is a fan with mixed Brussels lace leaf and mother of pearl sticks. It measures: 34 cms (13 1/2 ins)  SOLD


Stock no.A77.2  is a Brussels lace fan with mother of pearl sticks. the lace is of pretty design with scrolls, flowers and leaves. It measures: 35 cms  (14 inches) condition: minor age stains, (visible in the photo); Sold


Stock no.A80/2 is a charming Brussels lace fan with mother-of-pearl sticks. It measures:24 cms (9/1.5Inches); condition : some age marks1 repair to guard stick; Sold


Stock no. A48 is a leaf of superb  Brussels Point de Gaze lace, mounted by mother of pearl sticks. It measures: 34 cms (13 1/2 inches) ; condition : very good; (There is no box for this fan)  SOLD


Stock no. A46.1  The blond tortoiseshell sticks make an elegant foil for this lovely Bobbin lace applied leaf. The fan measures  : 28cms (11 inches) and the condition of the entire fan is perfect. (There is no box for this fan) SOLD


Stock no.A41/2  is a fine example of the very best Honiton work, showing exquisite flowers with fronds of verdure, each framed within its  own cameo made of delicate tracery.. There are arches and trellises for smaller, possibly wild flowers, some in bud and others in full bloom, to romp and meander at will. 

Here is a  little piece  of history: a well-worn and even worm-holed note was found attached, saying:" this fan, of Honiton Lace is made in Honiton, Devon by Mrs. Fowler and her lace makers and given by my father Bernard, Lord Coleridge to my mother on the occasion of his being made a Judge of the High Court. N. B. Early Spring was chosen by my parents and the background is made of  her own work". this  note was found behind the framed fan leaf ; (it is now offered unframed but  it can be re-framed on request) It measures :33cms (13 inches); Condition: good. SOLD


Stock no.Y42/5a is a most unusual wedding fan, showing three or four stages of the courtship of a young couple, ending with the departure of the wedding coach with the guests waving them off. The borders of this fan are trimmed with Honiton lace and the whole scene is decorated with ribbons and flowers There is a name "LULU" painted in the right hand corner. The sticks are of fine mother of pearl and measure 34 1/4 cms (13 1/2 inches); Condition: good; SOLD


Stock no. A13.2 is a 19th century ivory brise fan, exquisitely painted, showing an elegant romantic scene of people in eighteenth century dress sitting in a beautiful garden. The reverse is also attractively painted, showing a truly poetic landscape. It measures: 19cms (71/2 inches) Condition:  When open, to the right-hand side, there is one stick missing sited at the  one before last. Also, the ribbon is split in most folds. SOLD


Stock no. A17 is a magnificent chicken skin "Grand Tour" fan, showing scenes of Italy in the most attractive way. The sticks are of finely carved and pierced ivory. It measures: 29 cms (11 1/2 inches). Condition: good, but lacking rivet.  SOLD


Stock no. A38.1 is a very decorative fan, with a painted leaf representing  a Biblical  scene of Roman soldiers and citizens, set in a  landscape of rocks and palms. The  mother of pearl sticks are beautifully carved and pierced with silvery gilt trophies and swags. Condition: good (but the pin is not original); it measures: 11 inches (28 cms); SOLD


Stock no. A38.2  is a very beautiful (possibly wedding ) fan with mother of pearl sticks and a Brussels lace leaf. Condition: very good; it measures: 12 ins (30cms) approx.  SOLD


r0302218.jpg (90345 bytes) Stock no. S27/1  A Grand Tour Fan, painted with views of Rome and carriages and figures in the foreground. The ivory sticks are carved and pierced. circa 1790. Condition: one stick repaired. SOLD r0302219.jpg (81920 bytes)


Stock no.Y29.1 is  "The Margate fan". This interesting fan shows scenes to be seen  both in Margate and the surrounding area. The back shows a map of "the isle of Thanet" and lists many items of holiday and commercial interest such as: bathing houses, fashionable rides, libraries, assembly rooms, hotels etc. It measures: 20 x 8 cms. Condition: some damage to the lowest area of the wooden sticks, and there is other wear and tear on the leaf, but there is nothing missing. SOLD


Stock no. Y42/3b is a very attractive mother of pearl fan with Brussels Duchesse lace leaf. It measures 24 cms (9 1/2inches); Condition: good SOLD



Stock no. Y42/6a Here is a really outstandingly beautiful  wedding fan! The leaf is a very crisp pure Brussels Point de Gaze (with many roses) and the pinkish sticks are carved and richly gilded  with a variety of celebratory decorations. It measures: 25 cms (just under 10 inches); Condition: good;  SOLD



Stock no. A13.5a is a very beautiful Brussels lace fan with mother-of-pearl sticks, presented in a box bearing the label J. S. Gregg Royal Fan Mounter, New Bond Street London. It measures: 35 cms (14 inches) Condition: good;  SOLD


Stock no. A13.5b is a Maltese lace fan with decorative carved and pierced bone sticks. It measures:35 cms (14 inches) Condition: good but one spine stick broken. SOLD


Stock no.  Y45.1 is a  large and decorative Brussels Duchesse lace fan with mother-of-pearl sticks. It measures: 35 cms (14 inches); Condition: two repairs to the mother-of-pearl sticks, not visible when the fan is open.  SOLD


Stock no. A13.4a is another Point de Gaze Brussels lace fan with mother of pearl sticks decorated with gilt and silver and also pierced. It measures: 34 cms (91/2 inches); Condition: the leaf has a few small holes in the net (visible in some of the photographs and one of the spines at the back of the fan has been replaced; and somethe lace has  lost its folds;  SOLD


Stock no. A13.4b  is a most attractive  fan, the leaf of Brussels point de gaze  and the sticks of blonde tortoiseshell, embellished with a spray of flowers composed of diamonds. It measures: 24 cms (9 1/2 inches); Condition: good; SOLD


Stock no. A35/1 is an attractive small painted horn fan. It measures: 15 cms (6 inches). Condition: minor faults visible on the photograph; SOLD


Stock no. A51  is a beautiful Brussels bobbin and needle lace fan with richly engraved mother of pearl sticks displaying showers of gilded flowers and leaves. It measures : 34 cms long (13 1/2 inches); Condition: good.  SOLD


Stock no.A42 /1 is a 19th century mother of pearl and gilt decorated fan, the sticks having floral piercework decoration highlighted in gilt both sides. Here we  have hand finished landscapes within scrolling giltwork borders. It measures: 27 cms (10 1/2 inches; Condition: the guardsticks have been riveted and the leaf has been reglued but there is a small tear towards the guardstick. SOLD


Stock no. A13.6a is a beautiful lace  fan with painted panels of putti throwing down a shower of flowers to be caught by another appearing among the clouds. There is another scene, more tranquil, of a boat cruising on the lake. The leaf is indistinctly signed by Veriot (?) and the sticks are of mother - of - pearl . It measures : 35 cms long (14 inches); Condition: very good;  SOLD


Stock no. A49. This is a fan displaying  Brussels Point de Gaze lace, mounted by mother of pearl sticks. It measures: 34 cms (13 1/2 inches) ; condition : this fan leaf has a few  age stains, visible on the second photograph; one of the spines to the rear has been restored;  SOLD


Stock no. A47 is a  fine and decorative Brussels bobbin lace fan, mounted on dazzling mother of pearl sticks. It measures: 26 cms ( 10 1/4 inches)  Condition: good; (there is a small box to suit this fan) SOLD


Stock no. C41 is a very small and rare beadwork Chatelaine. The period of this item is certainly 18th century but it might be earlier and possibly French. It has a very beautiful design all in very small beads. There are three items missing unfortunately (the ones that remain are a watch key and a brush.) What could be missing is a pair of scissors perhaps a thimble  or a needle case but there are many things that could be put on a Chatelaine.
Condition: The back is the same as the top in blue silk.  The five hanging strips are rigid and  swivel from a pin that goes straight through from one end to the other. In the pin there is a loop (visible in the first photo at the top)  at one end and on the other there is a  thread where  a small bolt should be and this is missing.  As far as we can see  this has never  been out .
Recently a Very rare Chatelaine  in metallic silver tapestry dated from around 1670 was offered for sale by auction at an estimated price of three to five thousand pounds and finally sold for fifteen thousand pounds.. The one above is not  the same but it is nevertheless a very fine example.  It measures: from the strap  above to the end of the brush: 22cms The actual beadwork  with the different sections measures 12cms and the width is 6cms.  Sold


Stock no. C39.10 is a beautiful purse of many coloured silk embroideries on pale beige satin. It measures: 20 x 15cms. Condition: some wear to the top left and side of the satin. Sold  Price: £325


Stock no. C39.9 is a purse in apricot silk and silver thread embroidery. This bag is perhaps to go to Church with as it bears Religious  symbols. It measures: 19 x 12cms. Condition :good.  Sold Price: £325


Stock no. C39.8 is a late 18th century purse - perhaps Turkish, for the European market. It measures 11 x 11 cms; Condition : good (minor wear to the top edge) Sold Price::£275


Stock no. C39.6a s a beautiful round purse in pale blue silk, embroidered in silver and gold thread  and coloured  silks. Condition: good: Sold Price: £250


Stock no. C39.7 is shield-shaped satin purse with beautiful  embroidered  silk work flowers. It measures 11 x 7 cms;  Condition: very good : Sold Price: £275


Stock no. A74.5 is a embroidered burgundy silk bag, possibly French 19th century. The shimmering silk makes a good background for the silver thread embroidery and  sequins embellishments and is divided by silver braids. This bag is made in four section with a drawstring closure and lined with silk. It measures: 18cms long and across when flattened it measures: 23cms across. Condition: there is a minor damage to the silver braid near the tassel see third photo other wise it is very good condition. Sold Price: £225


Stock no. C40.2 is a very beautiful bonnet again of the eighteenth / nineteenth century, embroidered all over in gilt thread and gilt braid. To one side , there is a beautiful hanging tassel  with very decorative motifs. Condition: good.  Sold Price: £275


Children's accessories stock no. H64.1 is a 19th century child's embroidered long coat. It measures: from top to bottom 65cms. condition: minor stains and at the top of the back pleats (see last photo) there is something missing. Sold  Price: £225


he length of the dress is: 85cms

The sleeves measure: 10cms from the inside and 16cms from the outside.

    Mittens: 12cms long including the lace edge and 5cms across the fingers
The vest measures: 25cms long 
Stock no.  C51.1 is a rare and magnificent 18th century christening costume. It consists of  a long satin gown with detached sleeves and sash. then there is a baby bonnet with Holy point lace an a vest with also holy point in the shoulders,  a muff? with also Holy point and then there is a yoke and a pair of mittens with red stitches. Holy point is an 18th century finest English needle lace, made only for infants Christening outfits and occasionally in samplers. Outfits of this quality were only worn by the highest aristocratic babies (boy or girl)  The condition is very good although there are a few marks on the inside of the satin at the bottom  area where it has been packed for a long time and exposed to the air but the exterior  is in good condition. Sold    Price: £2750 GB






This Brussels lace is all hand made including the background, the large flounce measures: 750cms in two completed pieces
Antique lace (19th century)  page two stock no.H77.SAJ1
is a very rare and beautiful set of Brussels lace, most certainly made for a wedding outfit. It comprises a dress front, two large flounces, two smaller flounces, and a handkerchief, all matching design. The dress front measure: 135 x 54cms the small flounces measure: 160 x 7cms and 195 x 7cms, the large flounces measure: 457 x 31cms and another 293 x 31cms and the handkerchief measure: 36 x 36cms.  Condition: Very good. Price: on request.  Sold


Antique lace page two. Stock no. J13.3 is a magnificent long length of very fine needle point lace. It is almost impossible to believe that it is all handmade, it is extraordinary to think of the amount of sticks involve in making it - when you think it measures just under 700cms! We are not sure when and where this lace was made - but we just think it is simply an extraordinary work of art. It measures: 690 x 8cms. Condition: Very good. Sold  Price: £3250


 Antique lace (19th century)  page two stock no. F10 Youghal lace. If we had to find something that would represent Ireland we would not be able to find anything better than this piece of Youghal lace. It has magnificent flowers like pansies wild roses fuchsias to mention but a few, then there is a harp followed by music which  has probably never been done before in lacework. This short lived lace has its own identity it is very much an Irish lace. It started  in the early 1850's in County Cork to imitate the revival Venetian lace, it very soon developed its own style and design with picoted bridges in the shape of rounded hexagons and very realistic wild flowers.  This piece dates from around 1860 witch is Youghal at its best. It is known that Princess Maud daughter of Edward the VII commissioned a Youghal lace fan for her wedding in 1896.  This uncut piece measures:  262 x 31cms. condition: good. Sold  £5500


 Antique lace (19th century)  page two stock no. D6.1 is a long length of Brussels lace showing a most attractive design. It measures: 750 x 25cms. Condition: good. Sold  Price: £680


 Antique lace (19th century)  page two stock no. F14.2  is a 19th century Brussels needle lace  flounce. The design shows many different flowers and ribbons.  It measures:  360 x 43cms. Condition: minor old repairs.  Sold  Price: £750


 Antique lace (19th century)  page two stock no. F38.12 is a fine Brussels lace Point de Gaze length. It measures: 200 x 12cms. Condition: minor stains (see photos)  Sold  Price: £450


 Antique lace (19th century)  page two stock no. F38.11 is a beautiful cream coloured Brussels lace  stole in Point de Gaze showing many roses and other flowers. It measures: 300 x 42cms. Condition:  minor small damage.  Sold  Price: £2500


 Antique lace (19th century)  page two stock no. F38.3 is a small appliqué Brussels lace shawl. It measures: 177 x 42cms. Condition: small holes (see photo) and minor damage.  Sold  Price: £240


Antique lace (19th century) page two stock no. F39.7 is another magnificent handkerchief case  as above - but this time showing a beehive with bees flying around looking for flowers. It measures 35 x 25cms. Condition: good.  Sold  Price: £300


Antique lace (19th century) page two stock no. F39.6 is a handkerchief sachet in satin, with point de Gaze work all the way round.  The centre is also worked in magnificent Point de Gaze showing two birds on a trellis and basket. The work again is magnificent with its light and shade. It measures: 35 x 25cms. Condition: good. Sold  Price: £300


Antique lace (19th century) page two stock no. F39.8 is a magnificent Brussels Point de Gaze wedding veil. This veil shows a superb array of wild and cultivated flowers. The light and shade of the flowers and leaves and its different filings is a truly magnificent work of art. It measures: 215 x 180cms. Condition: there are two very small tears about one centimetre long and minor stains that can be seen in the photos. apart from that is is in excellent condition.  Sold  Price: £7500       


Antique lace (19th century) page two stock no. F43.7 are two lengths of Brussels Point de Gaze lace showing beautiful arrays of flowers. They measure: 620 x 22cms. Condition: There are quite a few very small holes (see photos) and one or two small tears at the top.  Sold  Price: £1300


Antique lace (19th century) page two stock no. F39.36a  is a beautiful length of Point de Gaze Brussels lace. It measures: 290 x 45cms.  Condition: there are a few stains and some damage to the net. For  the worst damage see top of last photo. Sold  Price: £1800


 Antique lace (19th century)  page two stock no. F38.9 it a exceptionally large Honiton lace collar. It measures: 340 x 31cms. Condition: one small tear (see third photo) and minor damage. Sold  Price: £275


Antique lace (19th century)  page one stock no. D6.7 is a 19th century  Brussels lace stole (also off-white) decorated all over with flowers. It measures:  265 x 62cms. Condition: good but there are two small holes to the centre where it was pinned to the hair with a comb.  Sold  Price: £320


Antique lace  (19th century) page one stock no. D6.3 is a 19th century triangular  off - white Brussels lace shawl. The design is worked all over with beautiful flowers. It measures: 240 x 120cms. Condition: There are a few small holes in the net. Sold   Price: £580


Antique lace  (19th century) page one stock no. A40.3b is a length of Brussels Point de Gaze lace showing magnificent roses and other flowers with raised petals . The lace measures: 525 x 34 cms (in one piece). Condition: good; SOLD


Antique lace  (19th century) page one stock no. D6.10 is a very wide length of tape lace with a variety of fillings. This lace was possibly made for an altar. The reason is that  it is made in one piece (uncut) and it is a full width. It measures: 204 x 54cms. condition: good. Sold   Price: £230


Antique lace  (19th century) page one stock no.F16.2  is a 19th century shawl/collar  in blond silk lace. It measures: 220 x 27cms. condition: one small hole.  Sold  Price: £275 


Stock no. Y31.24 is another baby bonnet, dated early nineteenth century giving the finest example of white work. The patterns displayed are of flowers and leaves set within a background of drawn thread work and other fine needlework traditions. Condition: good. Sold


Stock no. W32.7i a small baby bonnet of very fine lawn, with a ruffled edge of gauze to the brim. The lawn is drawn up tightly to the crown and then  a small amount of exquisite lace is worked at the centre. The seams are also decorated with skilful needlework  Sold  Price: £55


Stock no. C64.15 is an early 19th century knitted baby bonnet and jacket decorated in beadwork and trimmed with lace. This type of garment for babies was very fashionable at around the 1820's. Condition: one small darn in the back of  the jacket and the lace in the bonnet has some damage. Sold  Price: £550   


Stock no. D3.3 is a 18th century knitted baby jacket with a nice pattern either side of the sleeve and in the centre back and front of jacket. It measures: 24cms in length. Condition: minor small faults - on the whole it is in good condition.  Sold  Price: £325


Stock no. D4.4  is a fine 18th century baby shirt with lace around neck and cuffs. It measures in length: 30cms. and 22cms across. Condition: minor damage to the lace otherwise good. Sold  Price: £140


Stock no. D4.2 is a fine pair of 18th century silk damask detachable baby sleeves. They measure: 16cms in length. Condition: good.  Sold  Price: £140


Stock no. D4.1  is an 18th century baby bonnet in cream satin and lined in cotton. Condition: good - but there is a stain (see photo two)   Sold  Price: £75


Stock no. C65.1B is a fine 18th century Dresden work cuff. It measures: from point to point 39cms x 10cms. condition: good. Sold   Price: £250


Stock no. C71.6 is a narrow length of early 18th century Binche lace. It measures: 100 x 3cms. Condition: it has three joins other wise good. Sold  Price: £180


Stock no. C33.6  is a length of late 18th century Brussels bobbin lace. It measures: 170 x 8cms. Condition: minor stains.   Sold  Price: £140  


Stock no. C71.2  is a pair of Valenciennes lappets joined again. - very fine and good condition and dating from around 1750's. It measures: 103 x 7cms.  Sold   Price £650


Stock no. C71.1 is a fine pair of Valenciennes lappets of very fine appearance and transparency and dates from around 1740's. They measure: 49 x 9cms. Condition: some small stains (see photo)  Sold  Price £750


Stock no. A14.1c  is a  complete seventeenth century drawn work length. (Perhaps an Infant's Swaddling Band)  It measures: 320x16cms Condition good.  Sold  Price: £300


Stock no. B15.64 
Here we have a few examples of 17th century drawn thread work.
 This one is particularly fine and often used for Swaddling Babies. It measures:  280 x 23cms. Condition: one antique joined other wise good.  Sold  Price: £320


Stock no.C58.2  is another wide length of 17th century drawn thread work. This one is slightly thicker linen.  It measures: 235 x 31cms. Condition: minor faults and some age stains. Sold  Price: £240


Stock no. C58.1 is a length of 17th century drawn thread work design  with birds. It measures: 210 x 15cms. Condition: one join two repairs and some small spots /stains. Sold  Price: £175 


Stock no. C58.3 .is a length of 17th century drawn thread work. It measures: 265 x 19cms Condition: same small  amount of stains. Sold   Price: £200


Stock no. C69.7 is a Genoese bobbin lace late 16th - early 17th century with fringe worked into the lace. For similar lace see Santina M. Levey plate 14B. It measures: 57 x 3cms plus the fringe. Condition: minor faults. Sold  Price: £120


Stock no. D3.1  is a length of 17th century filet lace with a continuous design of horses or unicorns. The base has a band of reticella and a border of Genoese lace. It measures: 135 x 35cms. Condition: many small breaks in the filet and holes but its not very visible on the yellow background.  Sold  Price: £425 e


Stock no. D3.2 is a very beautiful and decorative 17th century filet and bobbin lace panel portraying  people, buildings, and gardens, perhaps from Germany?. It measures: 158 x 33cms and the lace below measures: 15cms in depth. Condition: the first panel has a restoration it is backed with filet (see photo no.2) other wise it is good.  Sold   Price: £475


Stock no. C72.2 is a pair of late 18th century Burano lace sleeve ruffles (engageants). They measure: 86cms in length and 18cms at the widest point. Condition: minor faults and one stain (see photo). Sold   Price: £350


r0302417.jpg (81920 bytes) Stock no.S25/3c is a beautiful 18th century bobbin lace flounce - possibly Brussels/Brabant, in a luxuriant design of flowers and leaves. It measures : 84 x 8.5 inches (212 x 22 cms). The condition is good. Sold  Price: £440  r0302419.jpg (81920 bytes)


Stock no. Res. 1 This single sleeve ruffle is of fine lawn and is embroidered with a very fine edging of whitework. Condition: very good. It measures 90x 20 cms(35 x 8 inches) measured at the deepest point.  Sold  Price : £90


Stock no. C52.17 is a length of 18th century Brussels lace showing a beautiful  design including birds butterflies and moths. It measures: 160 x 8cms condition; good. Sold  Price: £470


Stock no. C70.1 is a beautiful  flounce of late 17th century Milanese bobbin lace . The lace shows many different filings and scrolls with birds peacocks and deer amongst them. For a similar lace see plate XV of "A History of Lace" by Mrs Bury Palliser. It measures: 340 x 22cms. Condition good (minor small faults). Sold  Price: £1200


Stock no. C69.10 is a length of fine 17th century Genoese lace. It measures: 93 x 8cms. Condition: good with minor small faults. Sold  Price: £280


Stock no. C69.6 is a pair of cuffs made of Italian Genoese lace from the first half  of the 17th century. They measures: 24cms all around by 10cms in length. condition: some small faults.  Sold  Price: £80


Stock no. C69.2 is a length of 17th century Flemish lace. This lace is a rare lace and can be seen  in portraits of that period. For  similar examples see Santina M. Levey book "Lace a History". It measures: 110 x 10cms. Condition: some wear and minor damage a few broken bridges.  Sold  Price: £700


r0302435.jpg (71739 bytes) r0302436.jpg (81920 bytes) r0302437.jpg (81920 bytes)
Stock no S17/2u. is a piece from the same period and  is probably a chalice cover. The needlepoint /drawn thread work is very skilfully made and  although the linen is thin, the item is in fairly good condition. It measures: 23.5 x 27 inches (60 x 69 cms) Sold  Price : £280


Stock no. This most interesting piece of English 17th century bobbin  lace (found in the drawer of an old chest) and was reputed to have adorned King Charles's II' boot (read notes attached). It measures: 10 x 11cms  and the silver and gilt one measures: 14 x 15cms Sold  Price: £680 GB


Stock no. A93.39 is another smaller  Hollie point bonnet  having a double frill running around  the face and a single one to the nape Condition: one small hole in the crown and another slightly detached from it. Sold  Price: £240


Stock no. B15.52  is a fine 17th century Milanese lace panel showing a crest, birds and other motifs, a most interesting piece. It measures: 83 x 28cms. Condition: unfortunately there is a fair amount of damage, and the crest has been restored. Sold


Stock no. C12a  This is a most attractive Flemish bobbin lace flounce, showing exotic flowers and curling tendrils.  It is rare to find such an  exceedingly long piece , and it measures approximately 11 1/2metres x 24cms; condition : good : SOLD


Stock no. A79.3b is a  fine Venetian flounce (although we should perhaps  call it Point de Colbert?) It is of extremely fine workmanship. It measures: 500 x 13 cms. Condition: good; Sold


Stock no. A94.001  is a Sixteenth century cutwork cover with filet inserts representing many different designs. For a similar piece see "The identification of Lace" by Pat Earnshaw page 26 . Condition: unfortunately there is a lot of damage and stain but it still a remarkably early piece. It measures: 145x100cms. Sold


Stock no. A94.71  This beautiful Brussels lappet  has been altered: one half seems to be complete . The other half has been extended  owing to an extra piece being  attached. Sold


Stock no. T61.3 is a pair of mid-eighteenth century Honiton/Brussels lappets. There are six butterflies scattered among the winding flowers and leaves. There is an extra piece to be used, no doubt, over the head. The lappet measures, to its fullest extent : 137cms (54 inches). Condition: some minor staining and repairs. SOLD


Stock no. S16.17 is a length of very fine Binche lace circa 1725. It measures: 65 x 5cms . Condition: good. SOLD


Stock no. S25.2C is a very fine Valenciennes half Lappet circa 1740.This lappet is a most interesting piece although, looking closely, it seems that the two sides of it  do not match as it has possibly started life as a flounce and has been superbly adapted,  as a lappet, an artificial picotee edge has been added. It measure 73 x 9 cms; condition : very good; SOLD


Stock no. A94.45 is a similar lace of the same period (as shown below).  It measures: 415 x 24 cms Condition: good: SOLD


Stock no.A90/03 is a fine and beautiful length of bobbin lace; it measures :165 x 06 cms (65 x 2 1/2 inches) ; condition: some brown staining; SOLD


Stock no.A88 3D is a beautiful length of  seventeenth century (probably Flemish)  (Potten kant) lace. For a similar design, see: The History of Lace by Margaret Simeon Fig. 34.  It measures: 176 x 27 cms (69 x 11 inches); condition: good; SOLD


Stock no. A71.6 is a long flounce of 17th century Milanese worked with beautiful scrolls and flowers.  It has two joins to match the design, possibly made at the same period (visible in the photograph). It measures: 310 x 36 cms (120 x 14 inches). SOLD


Stock no. M24 is another sixteenth/seventeenth century type of lace, possibly Italian, joined by very decorative bridges and fillings. Condition ; there is a join in one place., otherwise good. It measures:  360 x 8 cms (142 x3 inches). Sold


Stock no. A40.2c  is a magnificent length of Point de Neige. It is only by handling that one can feel the true quality  of this lace. For similar examples see Santina Levey : Lace a History, Figure 192 a and b  Condition: good ;I t measures  : 310 x 9 cms (122 x 3.1/2inches) SOLD


Stock no.  is a exceptionally large whitework Dresden?  flounce displaying exquisite work. The very fine basic material is worked to form this amazing design.  It measures: 275x32cms. Condition: unfortunately there is quite a fair amount of damage as seen in the photograph. Sold


Stock no. A79.2d is a small length of bobbin (Vandyked) lace border of the late 16th century.  It measures: 46 x 8 cms (8 x 3 inches. SOLD


Stock no. B15.53 is a good length of  late 17th early 18th century Milanese lace with a very beautiful scroll design. It measures: 315x34cms. Condition: good. SOLD


Stock no. S17/2u is a 16th /17th century panel of drawn thread work. It measures : 37 x 11 inches (94 x 28 cms) SOLD


Stock no. V12/ 30 is  a length of linen which, in the 17th century has been converted to lace by means of skilful punchwork in a repeated pattern (which includes a bird) within a plaited lace border. It measures : 190 x 16 cms (75 x 6 inches). Condition : good (with 1 original join) Sold


Stock no. A79.2h  In our opinion, this lace is from the sixteenth century, and we have not found another piece like it. However, in our researches, we found in Santina  M Levey's book :  (figure78) "Lace a History" , illustrations in  a Pattern Book entitled: (Sessa brothers) Venise 1557 - 1559, and one sees, in the lace illustrated,  similar large loops throughout the lace The lace measures: 220 x 6 1/2cms (86 x 2 1/2 inches); Condition: good SOLD


Stock no.  A40.3a  is a truly magnificent complete length of 19th century Honiton lace which could serve as a shawl or a stole but could also always be a star piece in any collection. There is a wealth of naturalistic items  as in many pieces of lace from this part of the British isles such as  bees and butterflies amongst a wide variety of wild flowers. It is from the very best period of Honiton. It measures: 350 x 33 cms (138 x 9 inches) Condition: good. SOLD


Stock no. A7.1 is a Flemish or Devon alb flounce in eighteenth century  bobbin lace,   portraying upward reaching exotic plants mingled with tulips, daisies and a variety of feathery shaped leaves. Nevertheless, certain roundels and unexpected swirls are very reminiscent of the Devon laces. It measures 305x66 cms  (120x26 inches); condition: good : SOLD


Stock no. Y24.2a is a superb flounce of Flemish lace in the style of  Point de France, circa 1700. (For a lappet in similar design, see "The History of lace by Margaret Simeon plate 81) This very deep flounce,, showing many decorative features, measures 383 x 68 cms (152 x 27 inches approximately; Condition: a few minor breaks, otherwise in good condition ; SOLD


Stock no. A40.4c is  beautiful length of Point de Venise. showing in magnificent tight stitch, an array of flowers, leaves, and fruit with here and there some  persimmons. This is a complete piece, finished both ends .It  has been mounted on scarlet  chiffon. It measures: 190 x 08 cms (75 x 03 inches; Condition : good (maybe minor breaks)   SOLD


Stock no. A40.4d is another even more magnificent example of seventeenth century Point de Venise  showing leaves made with three or four different heights of stitches of particular fine quality. It measures : 138 x 09 cms (50 x 3 1/2 inches); Condition : good but with a few very minor breaks;. SOLD


Stock no.  A40.1 is a beautiful 17th century piece of Italian needle lace worked with large flower heads. This is superb needlework making the lace vibrant and artistic . Condition: : there is a trace of one join made previously. It measures: 206x 17 cms (81 x 61/2 inches)  SOLD


Stock no. A40.4c is a lovely length of 17th century Gros point de Venise with very open bridges so that the flowers stand out more. It measures: 114 x 10 cms (45 x 4 inches).  Condition: minor broken bridges. SOLD


Stock no. A40.4a is a superb  seventeenth century length (in two pieces) of Gros point de Venise mounted   on black velvet displaying  tightly packed designs of flowers with fantastic  intricate needlework fillings. It measures:  630 x 12 cms (244 x 4 3/4 inches) Condition : the actual lace is in good  crisp condition but there are two large stains visible in the last photograph. SOLD


Stock no. A40.4b is a beautiful length of late seventeenth century  point de Venise showing a dense packed border of flowers and leaves, mounted on scarlet chiffon. It measures : 290 x 14 cms (114 x 5 1/2 inches) Condition : good)  SOLD


Stock no. V12.28 is also a single sleeve ruffle but here the lace is entirely made of 18th century Point d'Angleterre showing in an undulating river effect many different flowers and leaves. Condition: mainly good with only very few minor faults . It measures: 112 x14 cms (43x 5..5 inches) SOLD


A79.2a is  a length of  drawn thread work. of the late sixteenth - early seventeenth century representing many curious animals and birds. It has been suggested that these articles were popular gifts to newborn babies, when they were used as swaddling cloths It measures : 214 x 21 cms (88 x 8 inches; Condition : good; SOLD





Stock no. A14.5a is a magnificent  Carrickmacross,  lace shawl portraying flowers in full blossom or tightly curled buds caught within a shower of leaves and Carrickmacross patterns. It measures:234 x 113 cms .( 92x45inches ); condition: good. SOLD


Stock no. A40.5 is a complete piece of  exquisite Honiton lace.  Packed with natural flowers and leaves of all description we see  a branch bearing roses in full bloom  jostling with more formal motifs and even a date : 1861 ! (This is one of the best periods of Honiton). The entire piece measures: 523 x  48 cms (208 x 18 inches). Condition: good but with a very few breaks to the bridges  SOLD


Stock no. A39.3 is a superb length of Carrickmacross lace, densely packed with flowing branches, contorted curlicues carrying blossom and with many pattern-filled blooms. It measures: 420 x 75 cms; condition: good; SOLD


Stock no. A8/2 is a very long uncut  length of fine point de Venise (possibly made in Burano) c1870/80's This superb piece of work marks an end to the beautiful laces that were made in the 19th century. The exquisite work shows an amazing amount of artistry in the variety of fillings and lively interlaced background. It measures: 485x26 cms (192x11 inches); Condition is good throughout; however it is obvious that at one point part of  the lace became damp which gave rise to an alteration in colour and caused a few bridges to break (see last photograph) SOLD


Stock no. A1/1 is a finished flounce of Yougal needlepoint lace. Though ostensibly based on old Venetian raised points, it soon developed a pretty style of its own, quite different from any other, with picoted brides in the shape of rounded hexagons, with the sunlight and shade effect  so characteristic of the nineteenth  century revival laces, and with very natural flowers such as wild roses in full bloom or with half open buds . It  measures: 275 x 15 cms ( 108x 06) Condition: excellent. SOLD


Stock no. A.1b  is a collection  of Brussels lace with Point de Gaze insertions, to include 1): 145x11 cms (57x41/2 inches) ; 2): a narrower piece with the same design: 118x9 cms (46x31/2 inches ; 3): a matching pair of sleeve ruffles. Condition: good; SOLD


Stock no.  A.1c : a length of Brussels point de Gaze lace : Here we have a pretty array of flowers with raised petals amid leaves and smaller flowers. It measures : 118x12 cms (46x5 ins) ; Condition: good; SOLD


Stock no. A.1d is a fine Point de Gaze length displaying fine flowers and leaves; it measures 206x9 cms (81 x 21/2) ; Condition: good. Price: £200 (GBP) SOLD


Stock no. Y26.1b is a surplice alb in tape and needlelace with various religious symbols. Condition: good; SOLD




Stock no. A27.2c is a pair of  mid 19th century shoes in green satin shown with artificial flowers  applied to the vamp. Condition ;  some fraying to the edges. SOLD


Stock no. B26.2 is a kerchief in fine brown lawn and embroidered in silver and coloured silks. It measures at the deepest end; 27cms condition: the background is foxed and there is minor damage. Sold


Stock no. B26.1  is an 18th century silk embroidered apron with lace surrounding. It measures: 53cms deep Condition: good  SOLD


Stock no. B26.3a  is an 18th century Diary/book. The cover is embroidered in coloured silks and bound  in leather. It measures: 14x10cms Condition good. SOLD


Wedding dress

Top of dress and hem of dress

Top of dress and hem of dress


Bag in same material as the coat

Details of sleeve

Details of sleeve

Front of coat

Top of coat

Back of coat

Back of coat

Details of sleeves

Inside of coat lined in silk
Stock no. A84.18 This wedding ensemble circa 1820's includes a fitted dress in  rich cream satin  with a very intricate - even amazing - double row of flowers in pleated satin climbing a   over  a length of rolled satin piping .imitating a branch. This very beautiful embellishment is repeated at the neck of the bodice in smaller form and is. accompanied by clusters of silk tassels. The puff satin sleeves are slashed into five bands retaining ruched and trimmed net, The sleeves and neck are finished with silk blonde bobbin lace.

The coat is of figured satin. The large collar  is beautifully shaped to form a split section  held  with satin bands. The sleeves are ruched  and bound by satin strips. The front of  the bodice is exquisitely decorated with  bunches of silk covered   berries The back is very gathered at the centre and is lined with silk. There is a  matching silk reticule, trimmed in the same fashion as the coat.

This wedding collection has never been cleaned or washed and is, therefore, in original condition. So it is very sad to admit that there is  a visible stain to the front of the dress and there are  other small stains  not so visible.

The coat is in superb condition, apart from a mark due to  storage. SOLD

Front of coat


Stock no. C56.3  Here are three magnificent early 19th century large white work flounces.
These flounces probably were from a dress. In the early 19th century such work was very highly prized and admired. It is worked on fine white transparent lawn (slightly starched when it was last washed) the condition is on the whole good but there is still some damage and old repairs and in a few places it is backed with fine lawn. They measure: (one) 380 x 37cms (two) 395 x 32cms (three) 400 x 29cms. Sold     Price: £850 


Stock no. C33.1 is a very fine Regency white work collar/shawl with bobbin lace edge. It measures: 38cms in depth. Condition: Some stains otherwise good. Sold Price: £200



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